Merger and acquisition/m&a operations

Memphil Law Firm is positioned as a major partner for companies and entrepreneurs through structural support for its clients in mergers and acquisitions operations. We stand out for our capacity for innovation and ability to anticipate procedures and disputes related to business transactions.

Indeed, whether it is to sell or acquire a business or assets, its represents a critical steps for a business and its managers. These operations can be part of a growth strategy or in the perspective of structuring the company’s activities.

We accompany and analyze with you all the data of your operation in order to define together, your objectives and the way to reach them.

Thus, in support with competent partners and experts, we carry out:

  • Acquisition audits (due diligence) : this is an essential step, specific to each company and sector of activity which identifies legal, fiscal, commercial and operational risks, then have them guaranteed as part of the negotiation and drafting of contractual documentation
  • Support in the acquisition and disposal of business or assets, in bonuses or in the context of collective proceedings
  • The organization of group structures (mergers, divisions, partial contribution of assets, creation of holding companies) and shareholding(shareholder’s pacts, establishment of family holding companies)
  • Assistance in investment operations, joint-venture
  • Organisation, of corporate governance
  • Assembly and assistance in LBO, MBO operations
  • Drafting of the Directors status (management package)
  • As well as assistance for any capital operation and entry into the capital of any investor.