Collection of national and international debts

Many creditors are unaware of the measures which they could have taken to protect themselves from bad debtors. Within the framework of national and international debt collection, a qualified team is ready to meet all your expectations. It has a perfect mastery of recovery strategies and technics, our firm has developed a know-how allowing to achieve the best results by focusing on amical recovery.

We undertake all necessary actions in all jurisdictions followed by enforcement procedures for rapid recovery of debts where the debtor is required to settle the principal of the debts, default interest, damages and expenses.

The limitation period poses a recurring problem for many companies that do not have the necessary in-depth knowledge about local laws which may prove to be decisive in collecting international debts. We advise our clients by showing them solutions, but also with preventive actions to limit the risks of non-payment.

We can take care of the recovery of your receivables in France, Cameroon and abroad.

Moreover, our firm is competent in terms of recovery of distracted sums in the embezzlement of publics funds. We support states in recovering the sums diverted both at national and international levels through seizure of the embezzeler of public funds.