International trade law

International trade law implies for a law firm a great knowledge of the legislation and the legal constraints of each country, party to the commercial transactions.

Thus, from the creation of a company, to the signing of contracts with foreign commercial actors or even the launch of an international commercial activity, these operations require a serious preparation and supervision by a competent legal professional.

MEMPHIL FLAW FIRM supports companies within the framework of their commercial development since the establishment of their general conditions of sale until the recovery of debts and during commercial disputes.

We consult, assist or represent our clients in all contentious proceedings before national and international commercial courts, in France, Cameroon but also in foreign countries in particular before the commercial courts, the court of first instance, the court of appeal…

Our mission also concerns :

  • The drafting of general sales conditions and the supervision of the entire contractual environment
  • The implementation of funding of friendly procedures and legal proceedings or the collection of an unpaid debts
  • The drafting of specific status : commercial agents, sales representatives …etc
  • Support in any future commercial litigation