In terms of fees, Memphil law firm undertake to apply fees understood and identified by the customer, this from the first contact.

Indeed, it is essential that a relationship of trust between the lawyer and his customer has to be based on a known financial agreement, understood and anticipated by both parties and even more so by the client.

In this regards, we guarantee :

  • A  transparency fees
  • A full compliance with the pricing conditions announced at the start of the procedure
  • The providing of a quality service to our customers by the practice of fees tariffs adopted to the local economic context and the customer’s financial situation.

The setting of fees is subject to a fee agreement that must be written and signed between the client and the firm. We propose different fixing formulars of fees in function of the nature and the importance of the mission entrusted to us, the customer’s wealth situation and the duration of the mission.

  • The consultation appointement

It happens that the customer may wish to receive a reliable opinion from a law professional on the eventuality or the need to initiate legal proceedings. It can also be a need for a legal information. We propose in this case consultations which can be by telephone, via our website or in our local. These appointments last an average of 1 hour and are charged € 150 excluding taxes. This amount is included in the global cost of the coming procedure when this first appointment gives rise to the opening of a new file.

  • Past time fees

Billing will be done according to the time actually spent on the file by the various stakeholders. The client is informed of the time likely to be devoted to the study and processing of his file.

The fee rate of the Memphil fim varies between €200 and 400€ (excluding taxes).  This rate may varied within the same firm in function of the professional qualification of the stakeholder, the nature of the case, its difficulty, the diligence in fulfilling and its urgency.

A provision on fees at the start of the assignment is required and complementary provisions will be progressively invoiced as the file progresses. At the end of the mission, a detailed report of the time spent by all the stakeholders are made available to the client.

  • Fixed fees

In the case of a previously defined mission, it is agreed with the client, a definitive and fixed fee. The covered diligences by thisfees will be clearly described and the amount of disbursements will be readjusted at the end of the assignment based on the expense actually paid on behalf of the customer. To obtain a quote, contact the firm at

  • Performance fees

To complete a basic fee previously fixed, an additional performance fee expressly stipulated in an agreement previously concluded between the lawyer and the client may be agreed.

It is generally the percentage of the sums obtained or the savings realized by the client in relation to the claims of the opposing party.

  • The suscription

We offer annual subscriptions, entitling you to regular services but subject to a prior agreement. Thus, the content and the amount of the fees are defined within the framework of a pre-established agreement according to the client’s needs and on the basis of a reduced hourly rate.

The firm’s fees and expenses are subject to VAT at the rate in force on the day of invoicing (current rate 20%).