The C.M.A is an international law firm, with lawyers, jurists and consultants. It intervenes in counselling and litigation in the main areas of business law on behalf of international customers (French, Cameroonian as Foreigners); from it offices of Paris and Yaoundé as well as internationally, thanks to its correspondents in most Sub-saharan African countries, in Europe and Maghreb.

Economic law, public business law, mergers and acquisitions operations in corporate law, criminal law as well as the counsel and support of many public actors are parts of the firm’s privileged areas of intervention.

The choice of the firm, is the responsibility towards the customer and the optimization of results through the maintaining of a privileged relationship with each of our client. The necessity of personal implication, responsiveness and an optimal efficacy are the core values that are the foundation of the firm’s spirit.

Thanks to the clever mixture of expertise and innovation, we support you as closely as possible to your challenges in the optimal execution of your business strategy , in the creation and development in France, Cameroon or in Foreign countries of your projects and in the accomplishment of the whole legal operations necessary for the development and security of your activities.

Entrust us with your projects ! Your difficulties ! Our role is to anticipate and protect you.

May your success be ours !